The club has 11 fixed bosses; five are set up for set up for Metric rounds at distances of: 30,50,60,70 and 90 metres and six more are set up for Imperial rounds at distances of: 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, and 100 yards.   

In addition we have three fixed bosses which are offset to the main field for beginners and close practice work which can be used independently to the main field .

So whether you wish to practice at a particular distance to improve your technique or you wish to shoot complete rounds - from a frostbite to a full FITA or a Short Warwick up to a full York - you can, all year round 7 days a week*

There is also a range of equipment available for beginners' use.

We have facilities for making tea and coffee and hold club BBQ's.  Bacon Butties are served on Sundays at a small charge.






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