Welcome to the junior branch of Rivernook Bowmen!


Hello and welcome to the Rivernook Cygnets!
I am Georgie, the club’s child protection officer and I have been given the exciting opportunity of helping to get your junior club up and running.

It is our aim over the next few months to organize some events just for you our younger members.

If there is anything you need or want to know or would like putting into the next newsletter please contact me on CPLO


Archery GB Progress Awards

I have registered the junior club to take part in these awards as a new initiative for 2014.

The awards are designed to provide junior archers an incentive to continue to develop their archery.

Each award comprises of a rectangular badge showing the Archery GB logo on a coloured background. The back ground colours indicate the increasing proficiency.( White then black, blue, red, and finally gold.)

They are very simple to obtain as you only need to shoot 36 arrows in ends of 6 arrows. Qualification for the badge is by score only!

A badge colour can only be claimed once irrespective of age groups or bowstyle. However, missed colours can be claimed when a junior moves up an age group.

We will present badges once a term at the Cygnet Saturday Shoots and publish the awards on our website.

Any questions please do ask me.


Cygnet Spring news letter is here - click Here

Click here to download the Cygnet Progress awards score card

Results for Cygnets Saturday 16th March 2014

                                                                1st Shane Bowden    1546

                                                                 2nd Kai Cripps         1510

                                                                 3rd Lexie Sibley       1401























                       GUILDFORD Little Acons Shoot 2013

                      Jack Gerhard, 2nd  Short Western

                  Lexie Sibley, 6th  Short Junior Western

                  Harry Buck , 3rd Short Junior Western

                                  Team Rivernook 5th place

                             Harry Buck, Lexie Sibley, Jack Gerhard







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